Wuhan new luxury wedding costs 380,000 record high

5 years ago, the average wedding services for couples to spend more than two thousand or three thousand Yuan, and now tens of thousands of Yuan. Wuhan weddings becoming more expensive, the wedding was up four or five times the cost of 5 years.  


full wedding planner King yesterday on 19th, just in the Valley hotel arranged a 380,000 yuan luxury wedding couple. Two bit new on wedding requirements is high, site layout, and stage built, and spent art expenditure, costs on over 100,000 yuan, wedding by with of 20,000 flower white rose, and Lily, from Shanghai air to Han, 10 bit spent art Division ahead of one days began layout; opening Shi with track type LED screen, with 3D, and sound light technology let bride "plug Shang" Angel Wings, fly appeared; site of service personnel, and wedding steering, and with took Division, and lights Division, has dozens of people, which, lights Division also is from Hong Kong of "foreign aid".  


"luxury wedding, high end wedding in Wuhan were not unusual. "Wedding, Dong Bin, President of the Association introduced yesterday, now Wuhan new increasing demand for the extension and quality of the wedding, the pursuit of creative wedding and wedding props, labor costs are going up in every year, wedding costs will surely increase. National day last year, had the couple's ceremony cost more than 500,000 yuan.  


"our average price of wedding services for more than 10,000 yuan, of which about half of the price of more than 20,000 yuan. "Ren bin ... Introduced wedding of ZHUANG Zhou Jie, Director, the company helped the couple weddings, the wedding starting at 20,000 yuan, more than 100,000 luxury wedding is not uncommon.  


more than wedding company said, now wedding with has many sound photoelectric effects; some will please Hong Kong, and Taiwan of wedding Division Dang foreign aid; wedding layout from silk flower modified into flowers, spent art overhead also your has times; last year wedding with took also most with of is SD equipment, more than 2000 more Yuan on can get, now many new requirements with HD equipment, at least seven thousand or eight thousand Yuan; also, some large high-end wedding, began charged planning fee; these are push high has wedding General quotes.