Wedding industry present situation analysis and prospect of Wuhan planning

The wedding industry is an industry that has a long history, for a long time and is closely related to people's lives. With the increase of residents ' income and the improvement of living standards and the influence of Western culture, the wedding industry is undergoing many changes.


for married, now-married crowd a big change in consumer attitudes. Consumer demand has changed from married people marry modeling, unitary demand gradually transformed into personalized, diversified demand. Today most of the married people as only children, more and more people tend to romantic wedding. With the emergence of 90 's of the last century a professional wedding, the wedding industry is to become a professional, industrialization and modernization. This revealed that the wedding industry has attractive market prospects. Director hit the wedding industry Committee of the China social work Association said new people willing to put their savings into 31% for wedding-related spending, total annual spending nearly 300 billion yuan because of the wedding day, and wedding-related industries almost 60, only consumption to GDP the total contribution of the wedding day is 1.9%. Wedding economy has grown into the most remarkable growth in the Chinese economy. The wedding industry has been in the industry known as "sweet gold".


wedding economy appears the most obvious sign is the emergence of professional wedding company. With the 90 's of the last century compared to the country's first wedding, wedding company is now abound. Rapid development led the other related wedding company such as jewelry, photography, wedding industry development. Top of wedding including the photography, wedding equipment, new home of the wedding industry chain has been formed to develop in depth. The so-called wedding industry, refers to in a new stage in the life cycle of the family (including marriage preparation, the wedding ceremony, honeymoon period) new group offers products and services a full range of general economic activity, is traditionally heavy wedding ceremony only wedding industry extension and supplement. Wuhan from 2001-since the first professional wedding company, after several years of hard work, as represented by the wedding company wedding industry gained rapid development in Wuhan.  


first, characteristics of the wedding industry in the process of development of Wuhan City


1, although a late start, but fast!


does not have a long history of professional wedding company in Wuhan, wedding company the number has been growing very slowly at first. Until 2006, with the large number of wedding dress shops, flowers, gift shop or transform into a wedding company wedding Department is established, began a major increase in the number of wedding company in Wuhan.


there are two main reasons for this: one is the wedding of their advantages. Was started in the beginning stages of the wedding company the novelty for general public, members of the public on their lack of understanding. Most of them did not at first agree arranged the wedding to wedding company responsible for a new way of wedding. As time went on, people began to discover under the increasing pace of life, to the wedding company wedding to arrange not only saves time, professional services, high level of personalized and cost-effective advantages, more romantic than the traditional wedding. Wedding company advantage gradually emerged.


second is Wuhan's favourable development conditions, mainly the population factor. Since the founding of the third birth peak in 1985-1989, with the highest birth rates in 1987 was 23.3 per thousand, and 80 in early 1981 population reached 16.33 per thousand births. At present, these groups are at the peak of fertility, Wuhan City 20-30-age population statistics for the year 2007 1936668. Huge wedding market in Wuhan, Wuhan quickly provides a strong impetus to the development of the wedding industry.


2, wedding consumption is large and steady rise


getting married is a big thing in life, no matter who is trying to make your own wedding was a decent Festival, which had generously. Because of this, wedding consumption even being to become "the second-largest consumer of life." As living standards improve, services comprehensive and standardized, the City wedding consumption is constantly increasing. Wedding of economic consumption chain have been the wedding has been expanded to apparel, photography, jewelry, new home, food and other industries. According to statistics, 2002 wedding consumption is approximately 1.8 billion yuan, Wuhan, 2004 is 4.8 billion yuan, the surge in 2007 to 8 billion yuan, and Wuhan, according to Association President Zhang Zhimin the wedding industry predictions, 2009 will reach 14 billion yuan. Cakes in the wedding market in Wuhan is getting bigger, sharing group is expanding. Huge consumer market has not only stimulated the local wedding industry in Wuhan, but also want a share of foreign capital. At present, there are other large group phase in the field of wedding market in Wuhan, to enter the wedding industry and Korea, and Japan and other brands has been sent through the wedding company "vanguard force" discuss matters relating to open up the market.


3, gradually moving towards the wedding industry specifications


Wuhan early in the development process has been in the wedding industry lack uniform standards and industry standards, industry competition is between chaos, price war going on for a long time. Low entry threshold of the wedding industry, is not the wedding industry phenomenon of frequent direct cause. Under pressure from the market, is not only a small wedding, wedding is even if they have a certain scale company also had to win. Orders are treated as the amount of a common standard for measuring power of a company. But this malpractice is the relative decline in quality of the wedding service, lost a lot of the pursuit of high-end customers. In this case, many customers have to bend to Beijing, Wuhan, Shanghai and other places paying high prices for wedding.


faced with this situation, tired of low price competition of Wuhan's wedding started looking for a breakthrough. 8 more power wedding company set up jointly in the summer of 2007 the "M9" wedding alliances through business exchange salon, held on a regular basis to achieve healthy development. Subsequently, this 8 wedding company in charge of the delegation went to Beijing to participate in summer training of the National Association of wedding industry. In early August, under the guidance of the National Association of wedding industry, Wuhan wedding industry association. In April 2008, the wedding industry in Wuhan have been modified over the wedding service contract submitted to the Department of business administration. In July, the trial in the wedding industry association member units. In 2009, the wedding industry association of Wuhan, Wuhan City industrial and commercial Bureau, Wuhan City consumer associations to jointly draw up first the wedding service contract on the city's comprehensive promotion. In addition to the main contract, wedding service in the dispute process, separate into specific attachments, related ceremonies, makeup, photography, wedding cars, wedding, and so on. Both sides in the event of breach, according to the terms stipulated in the contract, ended the history of no standardized the wedding industry in Wuhan City. In addition to the wedding service contract outside, the wedding approach consumer complaints and the wedding services code of practice will be issued. In addition, Wuhan wedding safeguarding consumers ' Committee is also being restructured. Wuhan is a step by step to the wedding industry specification.  

Second, the shortcomings of the wedding industry in Wuhan


1, power generally low


at present, wedding, big and small companies over more than 2000 in Wuhan. Although huge amounts, but size can run independently on professional wedding wedding company only more than 100, including cities such as Shanghai and Beijing wedding company match is even less.


low entry threshold of the wedding industry, 350,000 yuan to open a shop: two salesmen, downloaded from the Internet a couple of wedding picture, wedding rental equipment. Due to the market situation good, making lots of little wedding take out. Wedding company the sharp increase of the number of market competition leads to lower prices, not only limits the wedding industry to a higher level, also made public consumption stay on price rather than on the level of service quality.


2 in China, low quality, service quality is improved


in the wedding industry practitioners, except for a small number of workers do not have certificates. Others, such as master of ceremonies, wedding planning, photographers must be certified. But in terms of concrete actions, practitioners were just a few of the qualification, and employees have a lot of part-time staff, most of whom are college students. In the practitioner's professional qualities and cultural qualities is the wedding service quality under the main reasons for the low, such as the master of ceremonies by sexting Active atmosphere, guests, photo and video of a prank appears error poor, wedding and other phenomena often appear during the actual wedding, seriously affected the wedding service quality improvements.


3, lacks the core competitiveness, the scale effect to highlight


the wedding industry's core competitiveness should be "culture card", "creative license." Wuhan wedding industry brand awareness, creative consciousness, the wedding industry is the core of the cultural and creative industry lack sufficient knowledge. Although there is now a wedding street in Wuhan City--"Yangzi Street", but there are also more than just concentrated more than 50 wedding and wedding photographers, and most of the wedding company distribution is scattered, the scale effect to highlight. Wedding industry into a cultural and creative industry, and modern, elegant and traditional folklore, Oriental and Western cultural elements together, thus the wedding industry by "material" wants "spiritual" transformation.  


third, countermeasures to the further development of the wedding industry in Wuhan


1, give full play to function of trade association


wedding industry association is an important factor affecting the development of the wedding industry, promoting industry standardization, harmonization and benign development and enhancing the overall strength of the wedding industry plays an important role. Wedding industry association was first established in Wuhan, Wuhan of the wedding industry standardization efforts and encouraging progress. Next work to be done, the author focuses on the following aspects: ① related charges as soon as possible; II strict customs employees to implement certified c-related training, improve industry strength about learning advanced management experience.


2, rich cultural connotation of the wedding industry


because of the wedding industry has a long history, Customs has a long history, is rich in cultural heritage and cultural connotation of the wedding industry. Wedding culture is closely linked with the colorful local culture, Wuhan, Wuhan's development should focus on the wedding industry culture, and introduction of exotic culture. China and the West has excellent wedding culture, how to best Wuhan cultural elements found in the wedding industry and combine, thus opening up a market development traditional models of operation is essential for the further development of the wedding industry in Wuhan. Grasp the emotional needs of consumption on the wedding, constantly promote new services and products, tailored for the wedding crowd personalized wedding, become direct carriers of wedding culture.


3, step up publicity, create well-known wedding company


wedding company in Wuhan, but well-known wedding company were few. Wedding publicity means mainly wedding scene billboards, MC introduced, networking, and new recommendations in the future. Wedding scene of billboards and master of ceremonies introduced due to reasons such as time is short, inconspicuous, the effect is not obvious. Although many wedding service companies have their own Web sites, many companies engage in PPC, but most Web sites there is a slow, less content, slow updates, and so on. Wuhan television station each year to host the influential "October wedding" collective wedding activities such a good opportunity, but not a wedding company to try. Only well-known wedding companies strive to create, Wuhan, creating wedding services brand, highlighting the variety of wedding activities, effectively into the wedding industry and culture industry, the wedding industry in Wuhan City will get faster and at a higher level of development.