Wedding entrance fee Association of wedding catering Association "pinch each other"

10th in the city administration, held for the third time on "some catering enterprises bundled wedding services" Forum, wedding industry association head of the industry association of hotel and catering cooking should charge "wedding entrance fee," neither side is listening to the other. Wedding etiquette, Industry Association President Wang guangqi's view, hotel charge "wedding entry fee" would create unfair competition in the industry, this bundle of services consumption behavior is unfair. Catering cooking Association Cheng Qishun believes that hotel costs should be charged within a reasonable range "entry fee".


Hotel bundled consumption "relax"


wedding etiquette, said Wang Guang, President of the industry association, in the past, hotel rely mainly on wedding etiquette company to recommend new, due to the wedding market threshold is too low, resulting in part of wedding etiquette company does not comply with the rules, by way of unfair competition hotel, hotels and wedding company combined more than contracting, attempting to monopolize the wedding industry. Current market conditions in a wedding company depends on hotel package deal. Wang guangqi's thought, this bundle of services consumption behavior is unfair, "slotting allowances" should be included in the cost of hotel operations should not take out separate charges. Also, wedding etiquette does not have corresponding qualifications, the business sector should be given to rectifying and handling.


store input should be reasonable fees


for hotel whether should canceled married Banquet "entry fee" of problem, province catering cooking Industry Association Secretary-General Cheng Qishun think, hotel in hosted married banquet Shi, need bear corresponding of responsibility, as one married banquet down, not only is water, and electric costs of consumption, sometimes also will on site of devices, caused wear and damaged, charged must amounts of costs, actually is can understanding of.


Harbin Hotel Association's Deputy Secretary General, Ma said, standard hotel rate is the imperative, will collect more in the future has the ability and experience to host weddings, without being the wedding company designated hotels for the majority of new services.


for the hotel should charge "wedding entry fee" this controversial issue, city industrial and commercial Bureau Director of consumer protection, said Wang Xukun, co-wedding etiquette, industry associations, provincial food and beverage culinary industry association introduction of Harbin and Harbin Hotel Association, wedding guide, wedding guide is expected to come out in early May.