Climbing of rongcheng wedding company wedding halls next month or die

Yesterday, reporters learned that a new wedding service model--"Wedding Palace" next month for the first time landing of rongcheng, three alleys and seven lanes will also be expected to introduce "Wedding Palace" project. This model will break the current wedding without wedding venue, hotel wedding planners-free status, create a brand new exclusive wedding of the weddings, wedding venues.


coincidentally, yesterday in Fuzhou on the inaugural ceremony of the wedding industry association training center, Chinese wedding industry leader, wedding industry Committee of the China social work Association Director hit also said that main seller wedding market trend will remain, "Wedding Palace" and will become the future development trend of the wedding industry. Insiders even predicted: the next 3-5 years, wedding company will gradually die out.


new model will create exclusive wedding venues


yesterday, reporters learned from the wedding industry in Fuzhou, a new wedding service model--"Wedding Palace" will be around the middle of next month for the first time log in Fuzhou.


it is in charge of the project, they founded the "Wedding Hall" is defined as "weed-inghouse", or "wedding Chamber" concept, that is dedicated to offering an exclusive wedding and eat wedding venue, banquet and not to other types, such as: the conference banquet, wei-ya feast.


it is understood that because it is a first attempt, this project mainly from Fujian province, are a wedding company and work together to create a local hotel in Fuzhou. However, the wedding banquet at the hotel is different from the models, namely: any banquet hall can be used for wedding, wedding stages, lighting, layout and so on is temporary and sometimes even a Grand Ballroom wedding, while the other dinners. This "Wedding Palace" will be a separate banquet hall into a hotel dedicated to wedding venues, various settings, such as flights, staging, lighting, equipment, and so will serve the wedding ceremony is held, will also have exclusive venue as a wedding venue. In which the couple can not only enjoy professional wedding services, but also enjoy high quality reception. Also, the site will also serve as the exclusive wedding venues, specifically used for weddings, wedding reception.


except Xia months is landing rongcheng of first "Wedding Hall", yesterday also has wedding industry people to reporter revealed, Fuzhou of three square seven Xiang also in brewing construction "Wedding Hall" (or "wedding Club") project, "this project according to understand investment of amount more big, and from location and site set Shang analysis, or will quite Fuzhou features, but currently this project also in preliminary chat stage. "The source said.


"Wedding Palace" will become the new trend in wedding 3-5 or die?


yesterday, the wedding industry association training center was officially established in Fuzhou City. At the founding ceremony, renowned wedding experts hit also made a "Wedding Palace" or the wedding industry in the future development of China will become a new trend.


hit admits, currently national of wedding industry faced of a major challenge is, married banquet market, and hotel of "market seller subject" situation will continued keep, despite 2012 national still will has 12 million on above of new registration married, wedding company also can points to many "cake", but again had 4-5 years, this digital will declined about one-third, will, with Hotel do wedding of consciousness gradually enhanced, wedding company will faced more fierce of market competition.


a case study of Fuzhou, many hotels and restaurants already directly involved in wedding planning, site layout, and became more professional, the price is cheaper, and meet the needs of many couples.


according to hit introduced, China wedding company of development track and Japan, and Korea is similar, and Japan early in years Qian has no wedding company has, Korea in last year also basic no wedding company, "instead of is day type Wedding Hall of mode, that both can eat married Banquet, and can do wedding of exclusive places, seat, and device are is basic fixed of, on like a professional sex is strong of line as. ”


according to reports, currently Japan hotel wedding services as the focus, 80% per cent of turnover comes from the wedding. "Chinese wedding the most important wedding, no floor means great constraints on development. "The history of Dow Corning, with respect," the wedding of the future prospects of the company are not too optimistic. In accordance with the current trend of the development of hotel's competitiveness more and more, while the wedding because homogeneity, talents, and vicious competition and other factors, in the near future, or 3-5 (it was predicted in the industry) would gradually die out, can survive only a particularly strong or weak a fraction. ”


according to reports, some first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai, there are many Japan companies, introduce a "Wedding Palace" or "wedding Chamber" mode, and quickly occupied the market, give some of the country's huge impact on the wedding and the wedding industry.

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