Bridal shoot wedding pictures "disfigured" suspect pollution cosmetics

Originally white and pretty face suddenly full of acne overnight – recently, just did the bride Kobayashi suffered such embarrassment.


cosmetics pollution   killed the bride "disfigurement"?


on September 30 last year, Kobayashi and her husband walked to the love life of wedding photo studio, is located in the Zhongshan Road taking pictures. After returning home, due to the heavy makeup, her oil and facial cleanser, removing the make-up with hot water, then take on toner, and went to bed.


but 10 days after accidents. Lim never acne face long bits of small red spots. "At first, I thought it was a normal period reflected, but a few days less, or even develop into acne. "Kobayashi said. "Because this year intends to give birth to baby dragons, so my family won't let me go to the beauty parlor, I didn't go, only use toner every day, how can this be? "Kobayashi could not pass, can only guess whether the wedding with cosmetic problems.


Xiao Lin to the hospital, doctors told her that this is because the hair follicle blockage caused by many reasons, does not exclude Kobayashi said "contamination of cosmetics".


because of the weather, Kobayashi face acne is getting worse, pain, itching, and every day to see a doctor, medicine, out of no confidence. Her even more depressing is that "wanted to have a baby Dragon, but now has been on meds, so we gave up. ”


compensation cannot agree to prepare Court


Kobayashi decided to Photo Studio "to please." However, the Studio denies that this is their responsibility. Kobayashi medical records out, "all write the date on the medical records, prove that I am the doctor since last October. "Subsequently, the proposed" private settlement ", by the store manager came forward to talk to her, make her an offer. Both sides did not negotiate, said Kobayashi to Studio to court.


yesterday afternoon, contacted the reporter and love life wedding photography, told Xinhua "we negotiate compensation and consumers, but they do not want, can only take the judicial process. "They then used" Office closed Monday "grounds, declined to be interviewed.